19:30 FRI 23 NOV


120 MINS

Directed By: Harold M. Wyckoff

In 1919 an ambitious film crew, commissioned by the Hudson’s Bay Company, set off on a coast-to-coast journey in order to chronicle Canada’s vast wildness. For over six months they filmed a country populated by Aboriginal and Inuit trappers, Scottish fur traders and the families that lived in the shadow of one of the oldest corporations on earth.

The completed film premiered across Western Canada and in London and played to packed houses. One Canadian newspaper said the film showed “Scenes Never Shown Anywhere Before”. But then the film faded from view. By the mid-1950s, the footage – more than 20 reels in mismatched order – was given to the National Film Archive, what would become the British Film Institute Archive, for safe keeping.

Forgotten for decades, in 2011 the footage made it’s way back to the Hudson’s Bay Film Archives. Filmmaking brothers Kevin and Chris Nikkel worked from production notes to meticulously piece the film back together, with a new soundtrack by Nathan Reimer.

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